Casadio, historical bar equipment brand, has always been regarded as a manufacturer of reliable and durable equipment. Read more Founded in 1950 by Nello Casadio in Bologna, the company initially produced different bar equipment and then focused on the production of coffee grinder-dosers becoming a recognized and appreciated specialist in the market. In the '90s, the company was sold and moved to Umbria. Only in 1999 the company was based again in the Bologna area.

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Casadio at The Espresso Shop

In 2009 Casadio joined Gruppo Cimbali, thus experiencing a revival both technological and in terms of redefining and repositioning its offer on the market to serve. This revival led it to be a main player in the Ho.Re.Ca. world thanks to a full range of products such as professional espresso coffee machines, professional coffee grinder-dosers and machines for instant coffee.

All Casadio products can be found here.