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Telephone: 0333 121 1083


Showroom and Workshop Address North (Commercial and Domestic)

(Please send any machine repairs to this address)

Espresso Services
Unit 58 Elderpark Workspace
100 Elderpark Street
G51 3TR

Tel: 0333 121 1083

Showroom and Manufacturing Address (Spain)

Espresso Services
Grupo 1000 Barcelona
c/ Joan Torruella I Urpina 37, Nave 5
08758 Cervello

Tel: +34 616 28 7721

Workshop Address South (Commercial only)

GMS Espresso
Unit 2 Bates Industrial Estate
Wycombe Road
HP14 3PD

Tel: +44 (0) 1494 484319

Boiler Inspection and Pressure Report

A boiler inspection is required on all appliances which produce steam in a commercial environment, this is part of the H.S.E’s pressure vessels act currently in force in the UK. This inspection, relating to the pressure test on the boiler, must be carried out every 13 months by a competent person and is an insurance requirement. The Boiler Inspection and Pressure Test Report in relation to commercial espresso machines is becoming more commonly enforced by local authorities. Call 0333 121 1083 to arrange an inspection of your espresso machine, within the UK.