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In 1950, a small independent manufacturing company was founded under the name of SACOME by M. Siksik. He combined a passion for espresso and engineering, and started producing espresso machines.... Read more M. Siksik named his brand ‘Conti’, inspired by the home of his original factory, located on Quai Conti on the South Bank of the River Seine in Paris. The Conti factory in Paris was invited to move its manufacturing facilities to Monaco, where the company took up residence in two separate locations, not far from where they are based today. Conti design and build high quality coffee machines and coffee machine spare parts.

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Conti Double Portafilter Complete 14g Basket - 419999
Conti Bottomless Portafilter Complete 21g Basket
Conti Single Portafilter Complete 7g Basket - 419998
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Conti Logo

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The mission of Conti is to ensure that they give their products an identity, and that each coffee machine is designed to extract the best flavours and aromas from every cup.

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