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Coffee Tamping Mats allow you to get a good firm tamp while keeping your portafilter secure with their grippy surface and protect counters from scrapes and marks. Read more These mats are useful for instantly keeping work surfaces clean and tidy by keeping any loose coffee grounds to one area. A good mat assists with your tamping skills and makes a great improvement to your working environment.

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With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Crema Pro understands the importance of quality equipment to produce consistent results when making coffee.... Read more From tampers and tamper mats to knock bins, cocoa shakers, milk thermometers and group head brushes, all your accessory needs are covered.

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Coffee Tamping Mats at The Espresso Shop.

Buy your Coffee Tamping Mats from us. We supply a whole range of coffee shop supplies and spares around the world.

Our range of Coffee Tamping Mats lets you choose the style and size of mat to suit your work surface, whether it is in a commercial premises or you are looking to keep your home worktop clean and damage free as you practice your home barista skills. Typically made from silicone, food safe and highly durable.

Crema Pro at The Espresso Shop

CREMA PRO offers you a range of premium quality, durable and stylish espresso machine accessories for baristas and passionate coffee lovers, either in the busy cafe or at home. Available in a range of classic colours, Crema Pro is the perfect choice to get delicious tasting coffee every time.

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