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Shower Screens diffuse water from the group head to ensure that it is evenly spread over the coffee in the filter baskets. Read more Here you will find a huge range of shower screens for many coffee machine brands, from universal parts that fit lots of machines to machine specific shower screens and shower plate holders.

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La Pavoni, the secret of a real Italian espresso coffee... Read more Milan, 1905. In a small workshop in Via Parini, the engineer Mr Desiderio Pavoni was working on the project of what was to become the first bar coffee machine. Here at The Espresso Shop La Pavoni is one of the main brands we deal with, we stock hundreds of La Pavoni spare parts including portafilters, filter baskets, heating elements and more, coffee machines including the La Pavoni Lever machine range like the Europiccola and Professional and semi-professional espresso coffee machines.

We are also the UK La Pavoni Authorised service centre, where you can have your La Pavoni coffee machine serviced, repaired or upgraded, we also cover all warranty work. Details about our service centre can be found HERE.

Custom La Pavoni Exploded Diagrams can be found HERE.

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La Pavoni Lever Precision Shower Screen ø 54mm 'New Group' - 2272020
La Pavoni Lever Shower Screen (New Group) ø 54mm - 327115
La Pavoni Lever Filterholder Gasket 'Q' Group - 2612005
RRP £54.18
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RRP £9.86
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RRP £5.16
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La Pavoni Lever Shower Screen (Old Group) ø 52mm - 327111
La Pavoni Shower Plate Holder ø 57x15.5x10.5mm - 31109171
La Pavoni Shower Screen ø 56.5mm - 327105
RRP £8.30
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RRP £43.20
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RRP £4.22
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La Pavoni Puccino Shower Screen Holder - 2713001
La Pavoni Eurobar Shower Screen ø 49.0mm - 0P123741421
La Pavoni Puccino Shower Plate Holder O'ring - 5650006
RRP £10.96
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RRP £5.60
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RRP £5.65
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La Pavoni Puccino Single Pod Insert - 2272005
La Pavoni Pub Shower Screen Screw M5x12 - 403314
La Pavoni Commercial Shower Plate Screw M6x16mm - 312304
RRP £11.62
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RRP £0.26
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Group Shower Screens & Plates at The Espresso Shop.

Buy your Group Shower Screens & Plates from us. We supply a whole range of coffee shop supplies and spares around the world.

If you think you may need some Shower Screens replaced you can buy them right here on this page. If you are unsure how to do this or simply don't have the time you can send your domestic coffee machine to us for some repairs, you can find out more about this HERE. 

If you have a commercial espresso machine and require some repairs or a service we can come to your place of business and carry out any repairs or service work at a time that suits you. You can find out more about this HERE.

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La Pavoni at The Espresso Shop

La Pavoni are leaders in domestic machines, the Europiccola and Professional represent a co-ordination of elegance, quality and reliability; manufactured since 1961, these machines will never be out of fashion; the Professional is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

All La Pavoni products can be found here. We stock a huge range of La Pavoni spare parts, great choice of coffee machines, La Pavoni grinder, La Pavoni accessories and much more.