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Using filter coffee is a good way to get a very smooth delicious cup of coffee without the fuss. Read more Making a coffee this way is simple, pour hot water over coffee through a filter, into a jug. Filter coffee is cleaner, smoother, and less acidic compared to an espresso – meaning it’s commonly drunk black.

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Miko is a story of innovation, success and sheer hard work. From humble origins, the company has grown to become a well-respected provider of coffee across five continents... Read more Having been in operation for more than two hundred years, Miko is a brand with an impeccable heritage. It is still located in Turnhout, Belgium – the same town where the Miko story started in 1801, when Leo Michelson opened the grocery store which was the beginning of the Miko journey.

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Filter Coffee at The Espresso Shop.

Buy your Filter Coffee from us. We supply a whole range of coffee shop supplies and spares around the world.

Brewing coffee is a nice way to get a delicious coffee in a calm and relaxing process. If you are looking for coffee brewing equipment you can find everything we stock and supply HERE.

Miko at The Espresso Shop

We stock filter coffee and some biscuits by Miko here at The Espresso Shop.

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