It was in 1901 when Luigi Bezzera patented the first espresso coffee machine introducing a new way of drinking coffee, starting the Italian Espresso Coffee culture. Read more Through Patent No. 726,793 of May 28, 1902, filed in the United States, Luigi Bezzera describes in detail the structure of the coffee machine with the important changes he made compared to those already existing.

Thus, was born one of the most famous Italian traditions in the world. The first espresso coffee machine Bezzera was called ‘tipo gigante con doppio rubinetto’: a "jewel" of technology for those times. This was the beginning of a series of handcrafted production with a discrete diversification of models, from the smallest with a 20-litre boiler to the largest with a 50-litre capacity.

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Bezzera at The Espresso Shop

Bezzera is an Italian coffee machine brand formed in 1901. Their founder Luigi Bezzera is credited with making the first true espresso machine after making large improvements to the original patent

All Bezzera products can be found here.