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Delve into the realm of exceptional espresso with La Pavoni Filter Baskets. A legacy rooted in Milan's coffee culture, our selection delivers the ultimate brew, be it for your La Pavoni Europiccola, Professional, or any other machine.

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1 - 14 of 14 Products

The Essence of Italian Espresso: La Pavoni Filter Baskets

In Milan, circa 1905, engineer Desiderio Pavoni set his sights on crafting the first-ever bar coffee machine. More than a century later, La Pavoni remains synonymous with Italian coffee excellence. At The Espresso Shop, we're proud to carry on this legacy as the UK's authorised La Pavoni service centre. From the iconic Lever machine range such as Europiccola and Professional to a plethora of spare parts, our inventory offers the full La Pavoni experience.

A Comprehensive Range

Our La Pavoni filter baskets come in varying styles and sizes. Whether you're a traditionalist seeking a basic option or an enthusiast chasing the epitome of espresso, we offer the full spectrum.

Durability Meets Design

These aren't mere accessories; they are essential tools crafted with the same Italian passion and technical mastery that has always defined La Pavoni.

Precision Matters

All filter baskets might look similar, but the difference in performance can be colossal. While standard baskets yield respectable results, our precision baskets elevate your espresso game, capturing every nuanced flavour.

The Espresso Shop: Your La Pavoni Hub

From custom La Pavoni Domestic Diagrams to a vast array of Coffee Machine Spare Parts, your La Pavoni journey is complete with us. Service Centre We also offer a broad range of other essential coffee shop supplies, making us your one-stop shop for all things coffee.