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Cleaning your coffee machine regularly is a vital step to a long lasting reliable coffee maker and using a blind filter is a great way to remove unwanted coffee oils Read more The blind filter is a must have tool for Backflushing, this removes coffee oils from vital machine components. It is an essential part of the maintenance for coffee machines with a solenoid. Backflushing an espresso machine gives you full crema espresso and bitter free coffees and helps to extend the life of your machine. All you need is a blind filter for the portafilter which you can find on this page and Puly Caff powder or Puly Caff tablets which you can find Cleaning Products

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A wide range of universal spare parts for a huge variety of espresso coffee machines for home domestic coffee machines and commercial machines... Read more In this section you will find hundreds of spares and accessories for coffee machines. These include coffee tampers, water filters and fittings, steam valves, water values, tubes, portafilters, pumps, motors, hoses, filter baskets, grouphead parts, solenoids and flowmeters and many more.

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Blind Filters at The Espresso Shop.

Buy your Blind Filters from us. We supply a whole range of coffee shop supplies and spares around the world.

Blind Filters are a great way to keep your coffee machine running smoothly and your coffees tasting great by Backflushing your coffee machine.

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We have a range of universal products to fit various espresso coffee machines.

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