Iberital is an international brand operating in more than 100 countries, a global brand with its heart in Barcelona... Read more It all started in 1975 in a garage in Barcelona, where Blai Farré used to enjoy doing his favourite hobbies: metalworking and parts machining. His hobby became quickly noticed by businesses and restaurateurs, and they commissioned him for bigger and bigger projects. He soon gave up the family business and began doing what he loved full time: parts machining. Although he initially only repaired machinery, he soon began manufacturing pieces for the coffee-machine manufacturers themselves. He manufactured his own moulds using casting processes and successfully sold his own parts and spare parts.

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Iberital at The Espresso Shop

We stock a range of Iberital spare parts such as heating elements, steam valve knob, water valves, shower screens, screws and more.

All Iberital products can be found here.