Lavazza, Italy’s beloved coffee brand since 1895, brings you an unrivalled blend of tradition, innovation, and passion for quality coffee... Read more With a rich history rooted in the coffee shops of Turin, Lavazza continues to craft some of the finest Italian espresso available globally. Dedicated to coffee perfection, the company’s pursuit of quality blends tradition with the latest technology for sustainable production. Enjoy the distinct Lavazza taste that brings the Italian coffee experience to your cup.

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Explore Lavazza: A Tradition of Excellence in Italian Coffee

Since its founding in 1895 in Turin, Italy, Lavazza has grown to become an icon of Italian coffee culture, celebrated worldwide for its dedication to crafting high-quality espresso. Known for blending tradition with innovation, Lavazza continues to pioneer new technologies and sustainable practices in the coffee industry.

Lavazza offers a vast array of products that capture the essence of Italian coffee craftsmanship. Whether you prefer the rich, full-bodied flavour of our espresso beans, the convenience of our ready-to-use capsules, or the subtle nuances of our ground coffee, there is a Lavazza blend that fits every taste and occasion.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our coffee. Lavazza is a leader in sustainable coffee production, working closely with the Rainforest Alliance and other organizations to support responsible farming practices that respect the earth and its farmers. Our 'Tierra' project is an example of this commitment, aiming to improve the quality of both coffee and life for small-scale coffee growers across the globe.

From the planting of the coffee beans to the perfect extraction of flavour, every step in the Lavazza process is meticulously managed to ensure that each sip delivers the richness and complexity that define premium Italian coffee. Whether it's a morning espresso to start your day or a leisurely cappuccino to unwind, Lavazza brings the ultimate coffee experience to coffee lovers around the world.

Why Choose Lavazza?

  • Variety: Choose from a broad selection of blends and preparations to suit every palate and preparation method.
  • Quality: Enjoy coffee that meets stringent quality standards, sourced from the best coffee-growing regions worldwide.
  • Innovation: Benefit from Lavazza's industry-leading innovations in coffee processing and brewing technology.
  • Sustainability: Support sustainable coffee practices that contribute to the welfare of farming communities and the environment.

Embark on a journey of flavour and tradition with Lavazza, and discover why it remains one of the most respected names in the coffee world. Taste the difference that over a century of expertise makes in every cup of Lavazza coffee.