Carlo Ernesto Valente founded VBM (aka Vibiemme) on 12 January 1976, at the historic site in Via Mauro Macchi, Milan, Italy... Read more This was when VBM technicians and mechanics started making espresso coffee machines fitted with the VBM 1961 dispensing unit, an evolution of the VBM 1961 but with enhanced thermal stability. Towards the end of the 70s, VBM started making machines for home use, creating the first domestic espresso machine in history: Domobar.

We stock a whole range of VBM products from top end home espresso coffee machines to a list of coffee machine spare parts.

Custom VBM Exploded Diagrams can be found VBM Domestic Diagrams

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VBM at The Espresso Shop

MACHINES FOR EVERY REQUIREMENT. VBM offer a diverse range of machines to meet the requirements of any barista: whether you want a trusty partner to manage heavy workloads, or a more sophisticated, technological machine for custom preparations.

We have a good range of VBM (Vibiemme) products from the beautifully designed Domobar Junior, Domobar Digital and Domobar Super Digital to a whole list of VBM coffee machine spare parts.

All VBM products can be found here.