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Welcome to your one-stop destination for La Pavoni Portafilters & Handles! As the UK's authorised La Pavoni service centre, we offer an extensive range of premium quality portafilters designed to elevate your espresso-making journey. From sleek wood handles to durable plastic options, find the perfect fit for your machine right here. Unleash the Italian barista in you—browse below and step up your coffee game today!

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Introduction to La Pavoni Portafilters & Handles

Welcome to the exclusive collection of La Pavoni Portafilters & Handles at The Espresso Shop. As the UK's authorised La Pavoni service centre, we take pride in offering an array of portafilters that stand for craftsmanship, durability, and of course, the authentic Italian espresso experience. Our curated collection features portafilters in various styles, with handle options ranging from high-quality wood to sturdy plastic.

The La Pavoni Legacy

Milan, 1905. In a humble workshop, engineer Desiderio Pavoni was laying down the blueprints of the world's first bar coffee machine. Today, La Pavoni is not just a brand but an embodiment of Italian tradition and coffee culture. The brand offers a comprehensive range of espresso machines, including iconic lever machines like the Europiccola and Professional, as well as semi-professional espresso coffee machines.

Why Choose La Pavoni Portafilters

Versatility: From plastic to artisan wood, our handles are designed to cater to every aesthetic and ergonomic preference.

Durability: La Pavoni portafilters are crafted to last, ensuring that you don't have to worry about wear and tear affecting your coffee's taste.

Compatibility: Our inventory includes portafilters compatible with a wide range of La Pavoni machines, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

Exclusive Features at The Espresso Shop

Extensive Range: Not only do we offer La Pavoni portafilters, but our collection also extends to spare parts, including filter baskets, heating elements, and more.

Authorised Service Centre: Trust us with your La Pavoni machine for servicing, repairs, or upgrades. All warranty work is covered, and additional details about our service centre can be found Service Centre.

Custom Diagrams: In search of a specific part? Find custom La Pavoni exploded diagrams Service Centre, easing your hunt for that elusive component.


Step into the world of La Pavoni and elevate your coffee experience with our premium collection of Portafilters & Handles. Browse below to find the piece that complements your espresso journey and helps you craft the perfect Italian coffee, cup after cup.