La Pavoni Steam/Water Valves, Tubes & Taps


Immerse yourself in the mystique of Italian coffee craftsmanship with our curated selection of La Pavoni Steam/Water Valves, Tubes & Taps. Crafted to perfection, these components are the linchpin of a sublime espresso experience.

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1 - 33 of 33 Products

La Pavoni: The Italian Alchemist of Espresso

Step back to 1905, Milan—a humble workshop in Via Parini is where Mr Desiderio Pavoni was pioneering the blueprint for the world's first bar coffee machine. Today, La Pavoni stands as a hallmark of Italian espresso culture. At The Espresso Shop, we're more than a supplier; we're devotees to the La Pavoni cause.

Steam/Water Valves: The Conduits of Excellence

When it comes to brewing, the devil is in the details. Our La Pavoni steam and water valves ensure your machine operates with the finesse only Italian engineering can provide.

Tubes & Taps: Where Functionality Meets Elegance

From steam pipes to water taps, we stock an array of tubes and taps intricately designed to elevate your La Pavoni experience. Here, functionality transcends into an art form.

A Treasure Trove of La Pavoni Spares

Steam taps, water valves, knobs, steam pipes, tips—we've curated a pantheon of spare parts to keep your La Pavoni machine in peak condition. Each component we offer is genuine and upheld to the brand's meticulous standards.

Service Centre

As the Service Centre, we handle servicing, repairs, and upgrades, covering all warranty work. For a deep dive into parts and their functionalities, our customLa Pavoni Domestic Diagrams are at your service.