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All the hot chocolate you could need for your shop, café or for having a delicious hot drink at home. Read more Hot Chocolate sachets, liquid Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Powder and the option to go fairtrade. You can't go wrong with brands like Zuma, Lucaffe and Jubilee when it comes to Hot Chocolate.

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Zuma – makers of hot chocolate, powders, sauces and chai... Read more You might not know Zuma by name, but you’ve no doubt tasted one of their creations – because they are loved in cafes all around the globe. They are now available to drink at home too.

Zuma - "When it comes to hot chocolate we like to keep things simple. It’s not that we’re stubborn – we just won’t compromise when it comes to taste and quality. Most of our hot chocolate is made with just cocoa and sugar, because we like to keep the ingredients simple (no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives). The choice comes from how much cocoa we offer – anything from 25% to 100%."

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Hot Chocolate at The Espresso Shop.

Buy your Hot Chocolate from us. We supply a whole range of coffee shop supplies and spares around the world.

Various Hot Chocolate types, from liquid to tubs of hot chocolate powder and sachets from brands like Lucaffe, Jubilee and Zuma.

Zuma at The Espresso Shop

Zuma offer a range of delicious drinks for use in cafés and now you can enjoy these at home too.

Here at The Espresso Shop we offer Zuma 2kg Tin Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Powder, Zuma 1kg Bag Original Hot Chocolate Powder and Zuma 1kg Bag Dark Hot Chocolate Powder. These hot chocolates come in resealable tins or bags.

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