EUREKA is a leading company in designing and manufacturing modern and elegant coffee grinders since 1920... Read more Founded in Florence by Aurelio Conti, the company started its activity as manufacturer of grinders for Espresso and quickly became a symbol of excellence. Nowadays, thanks to its international and dynamic attitude, Eureka aims to become the most innovative company in the coffee grinder industry: the “State of the Art” in grinding technique for any type of coffee preparation.

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Eureka at The Espresso Shop

Espresso & Brew Special burrs design suitable both for Espresso and all the varieties of Filter. The special burrs design conceived by our engineers offers a grinding technique suitable for the preparation of both Espresso and all the Filter coffee varieties.

Silent Technology Silent grind everywhere: coffee shop and home. The exclusive anti-vibration solution reduces the grinding noise by approximately 20 dB compared to the conventional grinders and paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: accurate and quiet.

Eureka Coffee Grinders offer many other features, you can see all Coffee Grinders, Grinder Burrs, Grinder Hoppers and Grinder Spare Parts by Eureka on this page

All Eureka products can be found here.