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Milk Frothing jugs and barista shot glasses which can be used to help set up your grinder. Read more These shot glasses are also ideal for measuring 1oz or 2oz quantities for all your espresso based recipes. You can also find all of the milk frothing jugs that we keep in stock here at The Espresso Shop. These jugs come in stainless and are also available in a range of colours and coated in teflon.

You can find all Milk Frothing jugs and barista shot glasses here.



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1 - 14 of 14 Products

Jugs & Shot Pots at The Espresso Shop.

Buy your Jugs & Shot Pots from us. We supply a whole range of coffee shop supplies and spares around the world.

From basic Milk Frothing Jugs to deluxe high quality professional barista jugs in a range of sizes from 0.35L to 1L. A quality milk frothing jug feels reassuringly heavy, they have a high quality feel to them making your coffee making process more enjoyable.