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Since November 1985, La Rocca Exprés, S.A. designs, manufactures and distributes espresso machines and other machinery related to the hospitality industry... Read more In 1978 Antonio Villaseñor Gallardo started his career in the leading factory of professional coffee machines in Spain. Many manufacturers are still using the unique product specifications Antonio designed!

However, the ultimate dream of Antonio was to set up his own factory for the production of handmade top quality coffee machines. The beautiful view from his living place in San Roque to the Gibraltar ‘Rocca’ (Spanish for mountain) was the inspiration to name the factory ‘La Rocca Expres’. Since 1985 the La Rocca factory is the leading manufacturer of handmade coffee machines in Spain with an export to 29 countries all over the world!

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La Rocca at The Espresso Shop

La Rocca machines are 100% handmade and individually assembled by a dedicated and experienced team. Here at The Espresso Shop we stock a range of spare parts for La Rocca coffee machines.

All La Rocca products can be found here.