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Cleaning your coffee machine regularly is a vital step to a long lasting reliable coffee maker and using a blind filter is a great way to remove unwanted coffee oils Read more The blind filter is a must have tool for BACK-FLUSHING, this removes coffee oils from vital machine components. It is an essential part of the maintenance for coffee machines with a solenoid. Backflushing an espresso machine gives you full crema espresso and bitter free coffees and helps to extend the life of your machine. All you need is a blind filter for the portafilter which you can find on this page and Puly Caff powder or Puly Caff tablets which you can find HERE

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Blind Filters at The Espresso Shop.

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Blind Filters are a great way to keep your coffee machine running smoothly and your coffees tasting great by BACK-FLUSHING your coffee machine.