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If you live in a hard water area you may need a coffee machine water filter. Read more Water filters reduce scale, chlorine taste and odour, which ruins the taste of coffee. Find a variety of water filter adaptors, fittings, filters and more

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It was one man's determined quest for the perfect espresso in the 1930s Milan that gave birth to one of Italy's most iconic brands... Read more For more than half a century, Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines. Year after year, Gaggia created beautiful, timeless products inspired by fashion, design and culture of the day, as well as the Italian passion for "La Dolce Vita". From the unique "crema naturale" layer to the crème de la crème of espresso machines.

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Water Filters & Fittings at The Espresso Shop.

Buy your Water Filters & Fittings from us. We supply a whole range of coffee shop supplies and spares around the world.

When it comes to making coffee, hard water is inferior because its high mineral content mutes the flavours of coffee. Hard water is also worse for your coffee machine because it causes greater limescale build-up.

Gaggia at The Espresso Shop

Gaggia offers coffee machines for the home and for commercial settings like bars, cafés, restaurants etc. Gaggia coffee machines are hugely popular, robust and beautifully designed. Here at The Espresso Shop we have a workshop dedicated to Gaggia traditional coffee machines, we can do all service, maintenance and warranty work.

Gaggia spare parts, we keep in stock, can be found here. For Gaggia machines give us a call.