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Coffee Machine Cleaning Products for cleaning areas like the Steam Wand, Group head, for Back-Flushing, De-scaling and more. Read more Keeping your Espresso Machine clean not only keeps it in good working order, it also keeps your coffee tasting as it should.

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Puly Caff. Espresso and Cappuccino machine cleaners... Read more Puly Caff powder and tabs and Puly milk liquid, entirely removes scale residuals from scaled parts, at the same time protects all the parts that are in contact with the brewer to guarantee the pureness "beyond the cleaning" in the respect of organic qualities of Classic Espresso and of the Original Italian Cappuccino.

We stock a good range of Puly Caff products here such as grouphead cleaner, baby cleaner & descaler, steam wand and mile frother cleaner, coffee machine cleaner, grind crystals sachets, descaling crystals, machine descaler, cleaning tablets, sanitising cleaner and more!

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Born in Italy in 1961, world leaders - Tested and certified by NSF International, Puly CAFF and Puly milk manufactured by Asachimici, Vescovato (Cremona) Italy; technological detergents since 1890 based their success on quality and innovation in the international market.

Use Puly Caff powder to backflush your machine and remove residual coffee oils that build up behind the shower screen and in the grouphead. You should backflush your machine every day first thing before opening for business.

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